Andree Clark Bird Refuge 9/9/19

Dika Golovatchoff

I spent about 30 minutes yesterday evening observing birds from the 3rd platform.  I briefly saw a Sora poke out from reeds, also a Common Yellowthroat.  There were 3 Killdeer, 3 Dowitchers (I think short-billed) doing their sewing machine act but being chased by one or more Black-necked Stilts.  Also a Spotted Sandpiper and 3 Least Sandpipers.  Besides Mallards and Coots there were 7 Northern Shovelers, 3 Snowy Egrets and a few Great Egrets on one of the islands along with a Great Blue Heron and Black-crowned Night Heron.  A Red-necked Phalarope was doing its (spinning) swim.  I posted a couple of photos at and would appreciate a definitive ID on the Dowitcher flying away from Stilt.  Dika Golovatchoff, Santa Barbara