Area K morning of Aug. 19

Florence Sanchez

Had only time for a little birding today so went to Area K to ee what was up.  A lot of Black-necked Stilts were working the shallow pond and there seemed to be a few other birds around the perimeter, especially to the east.  However, that estimate proved to be faulty. When something startled the birds slightly, everyone flew to the middle of the pond and I could see that there were a lot more present than I thought.  

My Stilt count was 32; at least 6 Lesser Yellowlegs and 1 Greater; at least a dozen Dowitchers; at least 10 Western Sandpipers; 4 Least Sandpipers; 4 Wilson's Phalaropes; 2 Kildeer.  I never heard the "keek" call of Long-billed Dowitcher but did get a few short "tu-tu-" calls as the flock moved around.  However, with Lesser Yellowlegs also present, I could not be sure of the call.

There were two shite-faced Ibis working the far shore and two Snowy Egrets were present in the west end.  Waterfowl were sarce:  about 8 coots and 1 mallard.

Definitely still a place to watch, and the water is going to last quite a while yet.

Florence Sanchez