Atascadero Creek mitigation area April 26

Florence Sanchez

I checked the loop trail in the mitigation area this morning, hoping that the Gray Flycatcher so beautifully photographed and reported would still be around.  I had no luck and I gave it a thorough search, walking the loop twice, reversing my direction the second time around. Interestingly, I found NO flycatchers of any kind in this area today, though there were plenty of insects around (including mosquitos).  (I heard a Black Phoebe on the far side of Atascadero creek but not in the mitigation area itself.)

There was lots of other bird activity however, including several of Orange-crowned Warblers and Common Yellowthroats.  At one point, I saw two newly fledged chicks of the latter following their parents across the path.  Also present were a few Yellow Warblers and 1 Wilson's Warbler, as well as a good number of Warbling Vireos.  Black-headed Grosbeaks were present and singing, but I had only one Oriole here today (Hooded).  Chestnut-backed Chickadees very active here this morning.

I went to UCSB afterward for a quick check of Area K but there was not much going on there.  No sign of Avocet or Ibis while I was present.

Florence Sanchez