birding at East Beach, Chase Palm Park, Cemetery, Butterfly

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Hi All:
Today Mark Holmgren & I got out for some birding here & there:  it was warm!  At East Beach Mission Creek outfall it was quiet, shorebird population way down.  Part of Larry Ballard’s flock of Black Skimmers came by, about 80 in all, then soon left being chased by a dog offleash….groan.  We crossed the street to new Chase Palm Park, where the sycamores & willows by Laguna Creek (?) offered up a BLACK-THROATED GRAY WARBLER, but that was about it.  Mark went over to the restoration plantings by the new desal plant which were really birdy last year, but nothing happening there today.
Then we went to the S.B. Cemetery, which was cool, shady, and Mark pulled out a TROPICAL KINGBIRD perched on the top of a small tree to the south of where we parked, near the first curve from the Cabrillo Blvd entrance, where the live oaks grow down that north slope.  We also had an Osprey perched on a cypress near the cliff edge portion of the cemetery.  
We then stopped at Butterfly x Hill Rd. intersection, where the sliver of ungroomed Music Academy property there held a beautiful adult male HERMIT WARBLER, also first spotted by Mark.  
If we’d gotten out a little earlier, we might’ve seen more…, there’s stuff still happening!

Joan Lentz

Joan Lentz
Santa Barbara