Botanic Garden April 15

Florence Sanchez

It was a different morning at the Botanic Garden than it was a week ago.  Most of theWarblers I saw then apparently moved on when the wind died down, as I suspected might happen.  It was also overcast and a little foggy.  I only had time for a short loop through the Garden today, but when I tallied up my species list, I still ended up with 40 species; just fewer individuals.

I didn't find a single Yellow-rumped Warbler today, but still had 1 Nashville, 1 Black-throated Gray, 1 Wilson's, and 1 Common Yellowthroat in addition to the resident Orange-crowns.  I also picked up a Warbling Vireo on the Campbell Trail, but the Cassin's Vireo that was there last week was not to be found.  It was a pretty good morning for Hummingbirds though.  I ran into Barbara Millett and the Ricards by the Desert Section, where a Costa's hummingbird was still present.  Just across from there in what's called "the lower meadow" we found a male Black-chinned hummingbird, appropriately feeding in the Hummingbird Sage.  I had two Anna's up on the Porter Trail.

I will be counting birds at the Garden on International Migration Day, May 4.  I am hopeful that we will get another wave of migrants in the coming couple of weeks.  In the meantime, I would appreciate it if anyone who birds at the Garden from now until May 4 would e-mail me their species list.  It helps me focus on where I will need to devote the most attention.  One species that I'm sure is present but that has been hard to locate this spring is Downy Woodpecker.  I heard one calling in the Canyon about two weeks ago but haven't seen or heard one since.  I often miss this Woodpecker on Count Day, even though I'm sure it's been around.

Thank you,
Florence Sanchez