Breeding Bird Study – Photos

Mark Holmgren

The least known strength of the Breeding Bird Study may be the photo documentation.  Images of nests, behaviors, or plumages provide evidence for the breeding events of 123 of 180 breeding species in the database.  It’s an extraordinary assemblage of images specific to our county.  They are a resource for future investigations and learning.  


Here’s how to mine the photos from the Google Fusion Table.  


Go to  Stay in or get into Table mode.

Click the blue Filter button > choose Common Name.

To the right of Common Name in the new dialog box you’ve created, see the 3 horizontal bars.  Click those and choose Sort by count.  Click the box to the left of the species whose photos you’d like to view.

Scroll the database till the far right column Photos shows.

Hover your cursor over the word Photos and a small triangle appears.  Click on the triangle and select Sort Z to A.

Click on the links that show in the Photos column.


Use the Breeding Evidence column to choose the kind of photos you want to look at. 


If you are not completely charmed by the photo links you open, then I’ll refund your money! 


We need your breeding bird observations even if you don’t have photos.  Those are

easily entered at the SB Audubon website here:

Mark and Adrian