Carp Bluffs Ravens

Rob Denholtz

Carpinteria Bluffs, Friday morning, July 24, 2020

This morning there was a Common Raven perched in a euc at the southern edge of the Bluffs.  As I watched it, it flew to another tree and joined a second Raven already perched there.  Ravens are seen on the Bluffs now and then; what I thought was special was that this sighting involved a (mated?) pair.

I put two pictures on eBird CHECKLIST S71779949  one, a distant shot of the first bird.  The other is a long shot taken from the western parking lot to show you the tree in which the pair was perched.  I do not know if they nested in that tree or anywhere on the Bluffs, although it would not be the first time we've had nesting Ravens there.

Rob Denholtz

Rob Denholtz