Carpinteria birding

Florence Sanchez

I checked out several locations in Carp this morning.  The dense fog was a problem at first.

The tamarisk trees along the edge of the driving range near Carpinteria City hall were almost devoid of birds.  I finally picked up 1 Blue-gray Gnatcatcher, 1 Orange-crowned Warbler, 1 Wilson's Warbler, 1 Hummingbird species, and I heard a couple of Lesser Goldfinches deep in the row.  Note if you want to bird this location:  the driving range has been re-oriented much closer to the tams and birders will be very vulnerable to stray shots.  Go as early as possible and stay close to the tams.

My next stop was Bates Road, which was less foggy and had a lot of activity from various common birds.  The grape vines on the Ventura Co. side of the creek were pulling in a lot of Western Tanagers.  I had at least 8 at one time along with a gray-headed Orange-crowned Warbler.  

Carpinteria Creek at both Eighth Street and Sixth Street was very quiet.  I walked alongside of the sewage plant toward the lagoon and got a Willow Flycatcher at the southwest corner of the plant in a nearly-dead Myoporum.  This was a juvenile bird with buffy wingbars.

I continued on to the Lagoon and beach, where there was a good tern flock.  I counted 55 Elegants and 17 Royal Terns here along with Heerman's and Western Gulls.  Shorebirds were few:  4 Dowitchers, 1 Spotted Sandpiper, 1 Willet, 1 Semi-palmated Plover, and 2 Kildeer.

My final stop of the day was back in Goleta at the end of Coronado drive.  The puddle there has a lot of water in and was drawing in birds, but mostly common ones:  Hutton's Vireo, Munia, Juncos, Orange-crowned Warbler, 2 Wilson's Warbler, and a Yellow Warbler.

Florence Sanchez