Carpinteria Creek

Rob Denholtz

lower Carpinteria Creek and Lagoon, Wednesday, Oct. 10, 2018

Although much of Carpinteria Creek is a long, thin meadow, there is still enough water to attract numerous and interesting species.  Most notably, an Ovenbird and a Northern Waterthrush have visited there in the past month.  Bank erosion and subsequent loss of trees and bushes has provided for improved views of the Creek and bordering vegetation.

This morning I found 28 species.  WHITE-CROWNED SPARROWS AND YELLOW-RUMPED WARBLERS are out in force.

Best Bird:  MacGILLIVARY'S WARBLER . . . 6th Street

Coolest sighting:  HUTTON'S VIREO and RUBY-CROWNED KINGLET in the same view just north of 6th.

First for me on Carp Creek:  AMERICAN KESTRAL . . . atop a tall bare tree on the east bank at the northern edge of Sewage Treatment Plant.

Rob Denholtz