Caspian Tern at Jim May Park on 8-8-20

John Deacon


Yesterday Peter Schneekloth and I birded Jim May Park.  While on the north side of the pond, we both heard the unmistakable "Kwa-ark" of a Caspian Tern calling.  The tern continued to call while we looked for it overhead.  We both spotted it but neither of us were quick enough to get pictures.  We could see the large tern overhead with very dark underwing tips.  It continued on its journey from east to west and flew out of sight.  Jamie referred to BOSBC and noted that this was a fairly rare sighting this far inland.  This was the first sighting for Jim May and you have to go back to 1989 for one documented a little further west at the Santa Maria WTP.  

John Deacon

John Deacon