Chipping Sparrow

Florence Sanchez

This morning I had an appointment downtown, so I took the opportunity to check out Alice Keck Park Memorial Garden on the way.  I walked in at an entrance near the upper end, Santa Barbara Street just down from Arrellaga Street.  From there I headed toward the big Tipu trees to check out Warblers, but I noticed some sparrows going in and out of a lavender Lantana bush onto the path so stopped to check them out.  Most were White-crowns, but out of the mix hopped a Chipping Sparrow.  It stayed in view for several minutes, gradually working its way through the beds and paths toward the Tipu trees, where I lost sight of it.  

I looked for it again when I came back through the Garden after my appointment, but by the there was a lot of human activity in the part (Mowing and maintenance), so Sparrow activity on the paths was almost nil.

No interesting ducks or Gulls on the pond--one Myrtle-type Yellowrump found in the Tipu trees with all the Audubon's.

Florence Sanchez