continuing Neotropic Cormorant; not much else

Dave Compton

Birding in Goleta this morning was a bit slow:

Tecolotito Creek - very few birds along the creek, either side of Los Carneros Rd. There were more migrants in the bordering business parks than there were along the creek.

Former LogMeIn business park on Hollister - Rebecca Coulter and I made a good try for the Ovenbird in the southwest corner of the basin, but no luck. A male MacGillivray's, present for a couple of days where the one wintered last year (and pretty likely the same bird) was active along the north edge of the basin. The best flock of birds was in the western tipus, but we could find only common species. Note that the "continuing" Red-eyed Vireo was reported near the basin yesterday. 

Devereux Creek at Coronado - nothing came to the storm drain puddle when Rebecca and I were here, and the entire area was slow. Most activity was east of the puddle, toward the former car wash area.

Devereux - The adult Neotropic Cormorant continued here. Shorebirds were limited to a few Western Sandpipers, three Leasts, a Greater Yellowlegs, and some Killdeer and stilts. There were several land migrants in the smaller eucalyptus trees south of the southern pullout. It might be worth checking that area for the next several weeks on high overcast days like today.

Dave Compton
Santa Barbara