COPR today

David Levasheff

Today I walked around COPR beaches and Devereux Slough with Katherine Emery.  I was focused on getting her to recognize species not on counting individuals. There was a good deal of oil and some birds with oil on them.

Highlights were:

on the beach east to the point:
1 Black Turnstone
1 small flock of Sanderlings
4-5 Black-bellied Plovers
Several Least Sandpipers.
1 Western Sandpiper
6-8 Marbled Godwit
3-4 Willet
4-5 Wimbrel

West of the point:
Snowy plovers of course
1 Juvenile Least Tern, banded (L Orange over Light Blue, R White over Orange)
A medium size flock of Sanderlings split between resting on the sand and working the beach
200-300 Elegant Terns back in towards the slough
10ish Caspian Terns.
More Black-bellied Plover about.



David Levasheff
Santa Barbara