Coronado and NCOS Friday AM

Robert Lindsay

Spent about 90 minutes at the end of Coronado in Goleta this morning. Took one, brief and unproductive walk around but spent most time at the puddle. Not much change from recent visits. Three Western Tanager, two Pac-slope Flycatcher, three Wilson's Warbler, several Orange-crowned Warbler, male and female Common Yellowthroat, one Chestnut-backed Chickadee, and numerous other common species. Left as Dave Compton arrived to take over. Hope he had better luck.

NCOS was not very productive. Best bird was a female Black-headed Grosbeak in a pine tree north of the large bridge. Cassin's Kingbird and Pac-slope Flycatcher were easy to see at the pond near the entrance but neither saw nor heard the rail that has been reported there recently. The only shore birds were near the top of the channel that comes in from Elwood Beach where there were two Greater Yellowlegs, a Black-necked Stilt, and at least 35 Western Sandpipers (and probably a couple of least sandpipers but a bit too distant to be certain). Otherwise, nothing much.

That's all,
Rob Lindsay