Coronado seep

Bradley Hacker

I spent an hour yesterday and today searching the Coronado seep area between the seep and Newport Dr for the male BaOr photographed by Ryan Seppala on 12 Apr. The area is much greener than many previous years, with a few water pockets, and a fair number blooming gum trees--both red and white flowers. Numerous orioles and WeTa are present. Most are BuOr and HoOr, but I found one female BaOr:

Dark--but not black--head, pale orange chest, white belly, pale orange vent. Distinguished from HoOr by dark nape. Distinguished from BuOr by dark face. Female; not the male bird photo'd recently by Ryan Seppala. Foraging near tops of flowering gums in concert with BuOr.

Bradley R. Hacker             Professor of Geology
Dept of Earth Science and Earth Research Institute
University of California, Santa Barbara CA 93106-9630

Good birding, 

Bradley Hacker
Goleta CA