crows vs. ravens in Montecito

Joan Lentz ( address)

Hi all:
This is the kind of discussion that’s great to have on sbcobirding, thanks Tom.  It’s also the kind of information that gives eBird, or I should say SOME eBird users, a bad name.  And lastly, it makes those of us who’re more careful about status and distribution (read "old-timers") really grumpy.
As somebody mentioned, once you get to Carpinteria, and especially the bluffs near the seal haul-out where they used to nest regularly, you’re going to see Common Raven next to the coast.  And from there on east if you’re driving to Ventura, look up and you’re bound to spot a raven overhead as you drive that stretch of US 101.
In Montecito, since the coastal plain is so narrow, OCCASIONALLY, I’ve had a Common Raven away from the foothills (say, over my house once or twice).  Never on the beach.  The best place for them in Montecito is our eastern-most canyon — Romero.  That’s where I hear and see them most frequently.  And if you hike up San Ysidro and Cold Spring trails far enough, you get them in the foothills.  But they don’t like the coast here. And the Bird Refuge????
If you put Paul Lehman’s book on your phone, you can quickly look up this kind of thing in the field and avoid making embarrassing mistakes. Don’t be afraid to download Lehman’s book, available online here
Thanks for listening to an “old timer”!

Joan Lentz

Ron Hirst

I rarely see a single Raven flying along the crest near upper Franceschi Park. I'm glad they aren't as common as around Lancaster/Mojave. I was there Sun/Mon and there seemed to be a couple 1000 Ravens in groups of 2 - 8 birds incl. 3 nests on telephone poles in the 6 miles between Calif. City and Galileo. I only saw a few crows. The differences, especially in tail shape, have become fairly easy to spot. The croaking calls of a Raven now seem easily discernible. Ron Hirst, SB