Curlew Sandpiper

Florence Sanchez

Thank you Nick for giving me "Finder" credit.  My message was part of my post abut missing the BB Sandpiper at COPR if people are wondering why they missed it.

At the time, I was fairly sure I was not looking at a Dunlin.  The "jiz" was just not right, but I didn't have any references with me to check on my hunch--my trusty old PDA with a field guide on it turned out to be dead.  After I got home, I checked numerous references on Curlew Sandpiper, especially Paulson's Shorebirds: A photographic Identification  Guide (which is excellent, BTW) and felt even more sure I saw a Curlew Sand, but I had not checked for the crucial white rump in flight (something I would have done in the field had I been able to check a reference to jog my memory).  I discussed this with Nick Last night and I'm glad he was able to confirm my tentative ID this morning.  Unfortunately, I have conflicts this morning that prevent me from going there myself.

Thanks to all who checked this out and I'm glad you got to see and enjoy it!

Florence Sanchez