Devereux and Sands Beach, July 2

Florence Sanchez

I checked out Devereux Slough first and not much was happening there.  Shorebird species found were Black-necked Stilts and Greater yellowlegs, all probably over-summering birds.

I then walked down to Sands Beach and walked as far up the Beach as the Dune pond access path.  There I found some signs of new Shorebird arrivals.  With in flock of large shorebirds,* most of which were probably the same ones I saw last week that over-summered, there were two new Willets in speckled breeding plumage, and feeding voraciously on small flies hatching out of the wet mud were groups of fresh Western Sandpipers.  They moved around a lot so it was hard to get a good count, but I guess somewhere between 50-70 birds.  With them were lots of Semi-palmated Plovers.  Snowy Plovers were active on both the beach and behind the barrier, and I had the pleasure of seeing a young chick foraging on the beach outside the closed area.

*Marbled Godwits (3), non-breeding Willets (3), Whimbrel (1), Long-billed Curlew (4).

On top of the bluff, and Osprey was resting in the eucalyptus trees east of the benches and two juvenile Cooper's Hawks were very active in the trees along the path back to the parking area.  I also had a fly-over Peregrine while sitting on the benches.

Florence Sanchez