Devereux area this morning

Thomas Turner

A few notes from Devereux this morning:

-A Northern Parula was singing in a eucalyptus grove at the bridge to nowhere (the last pullout on Slough Road before the gate).

-The Neotropic Cormorant was roosting in the same place

-The Mallard x Mexican Duck hybrid was one of the few ducks in the slough

It looked like a Snowy Plover was on a nest on the slough sandspit (~NE part of slough, South of Venoco Road). The Heron rookery is noisy with chicks that started hatching a few weeks ago.

Not much going on out at the bluffs. I saw a Great Egret catch a pocket gopher this morning. I see the Great Blue Herons eating them, but this was the first time I have seen an egret do it.

Tom Turner

Isla Vista