Devereux area today (May 14)

Florence Sanchez

I looked for the Northern Parula this morning for a good hour, both where it has been seen and  along Slough Road, but it did not turn up.  I also checked the nearby Camino Corto open space next to Fortuna Park, and that was very quiet.  the only birds there of remote interest were 2 Warbling Vireos.  

After surveying the Slough (where the Neotropic Cormorant finally showed up on its usual perch), I took my scope out to Coal Oil Point and did a sea watch for a little over an hour.  I was hoping for Sooty Shearwaters but none showed up, nor any Pacific Loons.  There was no activity well off shore.  

Closer to shore, it was fairly interesting.  Lots of Brandt's Cormorant activity, most of them flying west in the direction of the nesting platforms.  One bird was flying with a gaping bill, suggesting it had eaten more than its fill.   I also had flying high up over the kelp line a flock 4 adult breeding-plumaged Common Loons--very handsome.   I had fly-bys of a Whimbrel, 3 Black-bellied Plovers (in basic plumage), and a large flock of small shorebirds that went by very fast over the beach.  The strong wing stripe suggests they were Sanderlings.  The unexpected sighting was a Coot flying east over the water fairly close to shore.  Flying west past the point close to shore, I had aat various times 1 Caspian Tern, 2 Royal Terns, and 3 Forester's Terns.

The wind was picking up but not bad at that particular spot.

Florence Sanchez