East Pinery Rd - Cassin's Finch, Golden-crowned Kinglet, Townsends Solitaire

Peter Schneekloth

I headed up the mountain this morning intent on finding and photographing Fox Sparrows at several locations. First stop, which I never got past, was E. Pinery. I found a few Fox Sparrow but also a very nice mix of mountain birds including Cassin's Finch, Golden-crowned Kinglet, Townsend's Solitaire as well as some locals such as Mountain Quail, Mountain Chickadee, Stellar's Jays and more. Spent so much time with these birds never made my other stops. Complete list here: 

Looks at the Cassin's Finch here:

My feeders at home continue to attract a growing number of Pine Siskin along with American and Lesser Goldfinch. Siskins now number around 20.

Peter Schneekloth