East Pinery Road

Florence Sanchez

I hiked East Pinery Road today for the first time this fall.  Nothing remarkable to report except that the Red-breasted Nuthatch invasion is very evident here.  I counted 26 of them from the road head to the bottom of the keyhole!

Other montane species found were 3 Steller's Jays, 2 Mountain Chickadees and a flock of 4 Mountain Quail.  I heard some Fox Sparrows, but they did not show themselves.  Otherwise, common oak woodland Birds.  I also had a gray-headed Orange-crowned Warbler.  No sign of winter finches.

The "stars" of the show were the hoards of flies which made a lovely morning rather miserable!  I will plan to visit again when we have another spat of cold nights that hopefully will kill some of them.

Florence Sanchez