East Pinery Road Jan 20

Florence Sanchez

In a word, pretty dead bird-wise, though the weather was great and it was a lovely hike.  This is my species list for the day:

Acorn Woodpecker -2
Raven-1 (Heard as I was leaving)
Hutton's Vireo-1
Scrub Jay-1
Mountain Chickadee-2
Oak Titmouse-4
PYGMY NUTHATCH-1 (the only good find of the day)
Western Bluebird-6
Ruby-crowned Kinglet-2
California Thrasher-1

That's it!  NO sparrows seen, only a couple of unidentified Sparrow-type chink calls in the bushes.  Very surprising that I found no Juncos on East Pinery, as  flock of about 100 flushed from the roadside at the point where the grassland ends and Figueroa Mountain Road continues along the shady north-facing flank of Ranger Peak. 

I was surprised to see that the Road to Pino Alto was open.  It's been about 4 years that it's been closed.

Early signs of spring in the shady forest at the bottom of the Mountain:  Milk Maids and Buttercups.

Florence Sanchez