El Cap and Refugio Beach & Road: Red-eyed Vireo, Cedar Waxwing

Mark Holmgren

This morning Lori Gaskin and I birded El Capitan State Beach. One Wandering Tattler worked the beach east of El Cap point.  A Pigeon Guillemot was offshore.
Then, nothing was exciting at Refugio State Beach.  But we birded 0.25 miles up Refugio Rd from the 1st Crossing. The Coffeeberry shrubs along the east side of the road were thick with fruits for maybe 150 meters. Here we had a very early Cedar Waxwing juvenile.  Pic below.  Near the second bridge we heard a vireo scolding.  It sounded a bit like an unusual call that Hutton's might give, but it was more forceful and loud than any I've heard from Hutton's.  I recorded the call and that can be heard here:
I saw the vireo briefly--it was a larger bird than Hutton's with a longer tail, white undertail, and white belly, but I saw nothing more.   I'm pretty satisfied that this was a Red-eyed Vireo in part because this call matched those given by both the iBird Pro and the Sibley apps.   


Mark Holmgren
San Marcos Pass