[EXTERNAL] [sbcobirding] Shoveler at Atascadero Creek

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This is the first year ever that I have found family parties of CB Chickadees along the south coast (Refugio and Patterson Mitigation Area) so I would agree they seem to having a good year. That’s an amazing count from Coronado and it seems certain they must have bred there as well. I have never seen more than 2-3 previously and no evidence of successful breeding. I wonder if the lusher conditions really boosted breeding success this year.




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Walked along the creek yesterday with Cathy Peterson between Ward and Patterson. The most unexpected bird was a male Northern Shoveler in eclipse plumage in the creek channel about 50 yards east of the dam. (There are areas now along the creek where the vegetation has been cleaned out enough so you can peer down into the creek more easily.) According to Lehman’s BOSBC, it’s exceedingly rare to see NOSH in June and July.  We also had an Ash-throated Flycatcher and good numbers of Black-headed Grosbeak and Hooded Oriole. I usually find a few Chestnut-backed Chickadee here, but heard only one this time. In general, though, been seeing much higher numbers of CBCH this season in locations where they’ve typically been (e.g. near Coronado seep).  Seems like a bumper crop year for these guys. 




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