[EXTERNAL] [sbcobirding] Purple Martins at Nojoqui Falls

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If you compare the data from the last couple of years to that from the first couple of years, is there any trend?



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Subject: [EXTERNAL] [sbcobirding] Purple Martins at Nojoqui Falls

By request, here’s a quick update on the Purple Martin colony in the Nojoqui Falls Park and surrounding area.

This morning Adrian O’Loghlen and I made a visit to the area to check on the breeding progress of the Purple Martins. We have been doing this regularly for a number of years now.

In the area of the park we saw no fewer than 9 Martins in the air at one time. These numbers are similar to previous years, perhaps a bit lower.

We saw birds going into at least 5 different potential nesting cavities, all in Sycamore trees near Alisal Road. We did not see any birds carrying food or removing fecal sacs from the cavities - sure signs of young birds in the nest. If things are going to the “usual” schedule, the Martins should be laying or incubating eggs right about now.

This year we have yet to see evidence of nesting in the large lone Sycamore tree in the middle of the field approximately 1/4 mile east of the park. In past years this tree has hosted several nests.

At Alisal Ranch (approx 3.5 miles east of Nojoqui Falls Park) there appears to be one active nest in a Sycamore tree east of Alisal Road.

Overall activity appears similar to, or perhaps slightly lower than previous years.

Glenn Kincaid
Santa Barbara

Nick Lethaby
Goleta, CA