Farren Road and other Goleta Siting, January 29

Florence Sanchez

I got up very early and checked out LLC at 7:30 a.m. to see if I could pull up the elusive American Bittern.  No luck there, but the Summer Tanager previously reported was foraging in the blooming eucalyptus near the olive trees, and I had a pair of Tree Swallows over the east arm of the lake.

Since the forecasted wind did not materialize in Goleta this morning, I hiked Farren Road next.  IT was a beautiful hike but bird activity was low.  Nevertheless, I had a single Roadrunner at roadside near the highest point on the road and 2 Common Ground Doves at the ranch at the end of the road.  On the return trip, there was a very large flock of Western Meadowlarks in a pasture on the north side of the road.  It looked like there were a few ducks on the reservoir, but I didn't bother to try to scope them as the sun's reflection on t  ewater was fierce.

Next stop was the Sandpiper Golf Course.  On the fairways next to the pond, the goose flock included several Canada Geese and 3 Snow Geese (two white, one immature).  One of the white adults may be the possible hybrid discussed earlier in this forum.  No White-fronted Geese here this morning.

I made a final stop at LLC but the Bittern didn't appear and I heard that others had looked for it earlier without success today.

Florence Sanchez