Farren Road Jan 8, 2019

Florence Sanchez

I felt like I needed a good hike this morning, so I went to Farren Road.  It was not very birdy, but it was nice to see the fields greening up and the views were great.  A few things are coming into bloom:  Bush Sunflower, Wild Cucumber.  

I did not turn up either Roadrunner or Common Ground Dove this morning, though I thought I heard the latter calling way in the distance in the avocado groves of the ranch at the end of the road.

My favorite sighting this morning was a good-sized flock (40 or so) of Western Meadowlarks.  A couple of them hopped up on the fence and sang for a bit.  How I've missed that beautiful song.  Also, a dark-phase Red-tail caught the stiff breeze coming from the southeast so perfectly that it was able to hang in midair for a long period of time, barely quivering its wings to stay aloft and aligned.  The resident Raven pair made a couple of swipes at the Hawk, but they barely disturbed it.  Last time I saw a raptor do that so perfectly, it was a Golden Eagle.

Surprising misses: No Sparrows.  No White-crowns, Golden-crowns along the roadside, no Lark Sparrows on the wires.  There were lots of them here last month.  Also missing were Western Bluebirds on top, just a few on the lowest part of the road up and in the field below.  No waterfowl in the reservoir except Coots.

Florence Sanchez