Fig Mtn

Bradley Hacker

I went to the bird-desert-formerly-known-as-Figueroa Mountain this AM. I have been to this site fairly regularly over the last few years and never seen so few birds. The road had some birds, but the Pino Alto picnic area and the top of Fig Mtn were desolate. I spent 38 minutes near the top of Fig Mtn and saw a grand total of 6(!) birds--5 species. I saw zero sparrows and only 1 towhee in 1.5 hr at Pino Alto and Fig summit; as others (e.g., Dave, Florence) have recently reported, RBNu, but no other montane invaders. The only good news is that I saw, very briefly, 6 red-headed finches that look like Cassin's to me; low quality pictures here:

The USFS sign says that the Pino Alto road closure ended 20 Aug, but the gate is still locked. Most of the woodpecker food (dead conifers) has been removed from the mountain, so maybe the cutting and bulldozing are over.


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Good birding, 

Bradley Hacker
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