Figueroa Mountain

Wes Fritz

SB Birders,

I birded portions of Fig Mountain last night starting at 8:00pm until 1:45 am, I was mainly up there looking for owls. I spent the most my time on the Cat Way Road or also know as Zaca Ridge Road, I birded it all the way to La Jolla Springs Trail Head. The moon was nearly full and it really made it hard to see owls. Actually there were very quiet and difficult.
  But the Common Poorwills are still passing through in decent numbers with 9 individuals being seen. They were all seen on the west facing slopes and the air temperature was 57 degrees so it was perfect conditions for seeing these birds well.
  As Brad Hacker mentioned not too long ago, you definitely need a high clearance vehicle and decent tires. Basically the road is pretty dicey with deep ruts along with other hazards.

I do not recommend trying this road in a simple car, or going out owling on full moon nights. I apologize for not reporting the owls.

Good birding.

Wes Fritz
Solvang CA.