Friday morning birds

brad hines <bkhnca@...>

Hello Birders

This morning I had brief looks at a
brightly colored Black-throated Green Warbler in the entrance willows at
the VAFB ponds. This may be one of the birds I encountered last week.
These birds seem lethargic when observed alongside Townsends and
Hermit Warblers. This behavior, and the lack of any aerial forays, make
locating these birds a real pain. Also seen today: 2 Hermit Warblers, a
Black-throated Gray Warbler, Pine Siskin, and plenty of Tree Swallows.
The activity was above average considering the clear,warm, and breezy
conditions. Also, the Santa Ynez River mouth is open and tidal for those
who can't enough of the little gray shorebirds! Good Luck