Fw: SB Sewage: Wilson's Phalarope, si; Stilt Sandpiper, NO.

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False alarm. Sorry.


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I went back to the Goleta Sewage ponds this morning to look
at the bird again and I'm embarrased to say that I now
believe that it's a Wilson's Phalarope. My apologies for
getting people all stirred up on a false alarm. The bill is
too thin and straight for the Stilt. I guess I'm not used
to seeing a phalarope hanging around in the mud flats with
the Dowitchers.

I need to learn not to send any email messages after 11


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Melissa Kelly <lis@...>

No apologies necessary. This sort of thing keeps us all on our toes. We need
to get out there and cover those sewage ponds anyway. One never knows what
might turn up during migration :^)
Melissa Kelly

Karen Bridgers wrote:

False alarm. Sorry.


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