Gaviota, Refugio & El Cap <jcwings@...>

Hello all,

There were two White-winged Doves observed at Gaviota Beach this morning
flying down canyon and perching in the eucalyptus trees next to the
train trestle. Also found there was a flyby Merlin, and exceptional
looks at a Virginia Rail in the creek vegetation.

Refugio Beach had a small variety of migrants. These were in the exotic
trees along the service road which parallels the train tracks at the
west end of the campground. More Western Tanagers, vireos, misc. migrant
warblers including one Hermit, and one Hooded Oriole.

The Catalina Cherry bushes in the lower campground at El Capitan Beach
are definitely the attraction when all else seems quiet there. Several
birds feast on these cherries including tanagers, grosbeaks, and a
variety of wood-warblers. Always look these plants over! The
Prothonotary Warbler was seen today feeding in these bushes next to the
amphitheater. We were informed the male Rose-breasted Grosbeak was also
seen this morning but our group did not see it. No other unusual birds
were seen there today but there are several migrants moving through.

Jamie Chavez