Gaviota, Refugio, Rocky Nook

Bradley Hacker

For various reasons I ended up at these three places today.
Gaviota: Bad news: dead, and has been for a week. Good news: campground is closed through March.
Refugio: Some action, including 3 Nashville Warblers. I had to leave before making a thorough survey, but Adrian was there when I left and can fill in the blanks.
Rocky Nook: Nuthin' special.

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Good birding,

Bradley Hacker
Goleta CA

Adrian O'Loghlen

There was quite a lot of warbler activity in the large Euc west of the stone bridge at Refugio SB this am. And as Brad mentioned in his post, there were several Nashville Warblers foraging in this Euc and on occasions in the nearby willows on the west bank of the creek.  Only other bird of note was a Red-breasted Sapsucker that appeared briefly high up in the Euc.

Photos at;

 Adrian O'Loghlen