Goleta, Area K and Devereux today

Mark Holmgren

I’m again surprised to see 3 White-faced Ibis at Area K. Two of these birds were in quite close association, but only foraging. Noteworthy also is the lack of blackbirds carrying food into the marsh east of Area K, which says to me something is wrong there, at least for Red-winged Blackbirds.  There should be a fury of commuting and food carrying activity into that marsh.


I agree with Nick on the large numbers of Greater Yellowlegs at Devereux, but in my visit to Area K I saw none. 


Certainly two Eucalyptus clusters are being used for Great Blue Heron and Great Egret breeding on the west side of Devereux Slough and possibly the middle Euc cluster is also active.  2 fledgling herons were in the slough looking rather helpless and others are still in the nest.  One nest in the southern Euc cluster has 3 big babies.  A nestling GrEg is in one of 2 egret nests in the northern Euc cluster. At a minimum, I count 7 (maybe 9) GBHe nests visible (were they all active?) and 2 GrEg nests ongoing.

We have nests with nestlings or fledglings of Red-tailed Hawks in both the north and south fingers of the slough.  I haven’t calculated the distance between them, but they’re pretty close.

SB Audubon, in discussion with IV Parks and Recreation, was able to at least delay the “wood work” (tree trimming) scheduled to begin soon in the riparian where the White-eyed Vireo and Amer. Redstart have been.  Our concern was not about the project, but its timing.  Resightings of these birds are still helpful.


Mark Holmgren

San Marcos Pass