Goleta Beach and Sewage Plant

Robert Lindsay

Thursday, 5/17, 8:330 - 10:00 am

Goleta Sewage Treatment Plant was not very productive. Three Cinnamon Teal
(1 male) and lots of Gadwall. Two Bonaparte's Gull and one immature
Glaucous-winged. Observed a Great Blue Heron bathing, don't recall seeing
that before. Cliff and Rough-winged but no other swallow.

Goleta Beach had a Peregrine Falcon in its usual spot (high in bare
Eucalyptus branches opposite east parking lot). Heron/Egret/Cormorant nests
well attended. Saw no hatchlings but suspect they are not far away. Fair
raft of Western Grebe in bay. No northward bird movement offshore so I
suspect that time of the season is past. No Little Blue Heron so it is
probably up channel if still around. Otherwise, this spot was also rather

Oh well,
Rob Lindsay