Goleta Beach, Devereux, and the end of Coronado this a.m.

Joan Lentz ( address)

Hi All:
Marilyn Harding and I got out for some birding in the fog—initially—then ran into warm sunshine later in the noon hour at “the seep” at the end of Coronado.
Goleta Beach continues to have great tidal activity and few birds.  We scoped down the beach to the east and had some luck with shorebirds, but there wasn’t much.  Only Western Gulls loafing on the mudflat in the lagoon. One Greater Yellowlegs.  Didn’t stop on bridge to look for night-herons, there were several visible as we drove by.
Devereux had two Wilson’s Phalaropes, plus a couple of juvie Snowy Plovers on the far bank visible from the bridge.
As it turned out, we probably had more “migrants” at the end of Coronado:  a couple of Western Tanagers, a Wilson’s Warbler, a Yellow Warbler — made me feel like the birds are moving around and fall starts NOW… just starts slowly!
On another note, if I may with Jamie’s permission — since the subject matter and the author are both a part of this Santa Barbara listserve:
MY NEW BOOK:  “Story of a Santa Barbara Birder” 
WHEN:  Coming in August
WHERE TO GET IT:  Local bookstores and Amazon

Stay tuned for more, but I couldn’t resist the sneak peek approach, please bear with me!  This book was written for Santa Barbara birders and it’s about us, mostly……

Thanks and good birding,

Joan Lentz
Santa Barbara