Goleta Beach YC Night Herons (3)

Ron Hirst

Friday at 4:45 there were 3 YC Night Herons on a wire next to the viewing platform. They seem to very much like the wire at dusk. It was a good opportunity to take many photos.  2 are about 1.5 years old and one is a first year bird. The 2 older birds have some shoulder plumes and one has a beginning white head plume. Very few photos of these 1.5 year old plumages on the internet. Ron Hirst, SB   photos

Ken Hoesterey

yes, they were pretty calm considering the 50ish Mallards, 30ish Cormorants and the feeding frenzy right below them!
Several Cormorants were team fishing a school up against the muddy banks of the falling tide, in about 6-8" of water, in and amongst the 13 Snowie Egrets that had hopped in to join in the fray. Several nearby Stilts tried to not get run over, meanwhile the YCNight Herons sat on the wire and thought 'leave some for us please?'
The fishing derby moved up the slough, the Snowies flying along following the Cormorants progress. A Great Egret stood watch, dignity intact, and a female Kingfisher and several Pied Billed grebes also watched.  
Several flights of Cormorants flew in to roost,  from out the ocean, looking spectacular against the sunsety clouds..good times.
Ken Hoesterey