Goleta Beach Yellow-crowned Night-Herons

Dave Compton

At about 10:30-11:00 this morning, no less than four Yellow-crowned Night-Herons, including three juveniles, were on the sand bar used by the gulls at Goleta Beach. The birds later started to move around a bit, and at a point when only three had been in sight, I saw two night-herons flying across the channel toward the roost that appeared to be juvenile Yellow-crowneds. So there are probably more than four. One adult Black-crowned Night-Heron was roosting in a eucalyptus tree at the western edge of the eastern parking lot, and two of the Yellow-crowneds spent part of the time in that tree. So, that’s a spot to check if you’re looking for night-herons. 

Not much else of interest. There were still about 18 young cormorants hanging out in the rookery trees. 

Dave Compton
Santa Barbara