Goleta Birding

Florence Sanchez

I went to Ocean Meadows early this morning.  There was a lot of activity in the willows as one comes in and also in the ground covers, but the best bird I could turn up was a Yellow Warbler.  No sign of a White-winged Dove.  However, I had my scope and it got in the way of good landbird birding.

I checked the channel that runs the length of the reserve and has a little water in it up to the Phelps Bridge.   I picked up Kildeer, Western and Least Sandpipers, and somewhere a Greater Yellowlegs was calling.  No other peeps observed.  At the bridge, a Green Heron was Patiently waiting for something to stab at. On my way back, a Merlin made several passes over the shorebirds, scattering them away.

I checked the Evergreen open space and it was not worth the effort.  The park is dry and Eucs do no have lerps.  At Bella Vista Open space, I ran into Nick .  Wemade a diligent search of the Park but turned up nothinig of note.

Florence Sanchez