Goleta Sewage: Wilson's Phalarope, not Stilt Sandpiper


(My apologies if this message appears more than once on the list. I am
having trouble getting it posted, and I did want to get this message
out before lunch so people don't decide to go to the sewage ponds based
on bad info.)

I went back to the Goleta Sewage ponds this morning to look at the bird
again and I'm embarrased to say that I now believe that it's a Wilson's
Phalarope. My apologies for getting people all stirred up on a false
alarm. The bill is too thin and straight for the Stilt. I guess I'm
not used to seeing a phalarope hanging around in the mud flats with the

I was not certain enough of the id to put it out on the list, but I
should have realized that it might end up there anyway. I need to
learn not to send any email messages after 11 pm.


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Guy Tingos, Dave Compton, and I did go to the sewage plant this noon
and confirmed the presence of a Wilson's Phalarope and a Solitary
Sandpiper, but there was no sign of a Stilt Sandpiper. However, this is
the time of year to look for them, so it's worth a stop for anyone in the