Good time to look for Broad-winged Hawks

John Callender

This is potentially a good time to look for migrating Broad-winged Hawks in Santa Barbara county.

If you check the sightings reports from the Golden Gate Raptor Observatory (for example, at, it shows they had 20 Broad-winged Hawks there Saturday, their high count so far this fall. That pulse could mean Broad-winged sightings in Santa Barbara a day or two later.

Broad-winged Hawks have been seen from the following eBird hotspot locations the last few years:
Bella Vista Dr -
Romero Canyon Rd -

Bella Vista Drive involves hawk watching from the side of a quiet Montecito street that offers good views of the mountains and somewhat obstructed views to the south. Romero Canyon Road offers better all-around views, but requires a hike up from the Romero Canyon trailhead.

I hope to observe from both of these locations over the next few weeks.

John Callender