Happy Canyon Area Nov. 14

Florence Sanchez

I went to the area where Sandhill Cranes have been found (Happy Canyon X Alisos Road) but none were present this morning.  However, I had a very pleasant morning birding, especially along the north portion of Alisos Road.  The Westerly Stud farm was watering its pastures and the water was attracting a lot of birds.  Ones of special interest included a pair of Phainopeplas in the pepper trees, many sparrows along the fence line (white-crowned, Lincolns, Lark, Vesper, and Savannah), and nice selection of raptors: Turkey Vultures (2), Red-tailed Hawks (3), Red-shouldered Hawk (1 heard), White-tailed Kite (1), Northern Harrier (both male and female), and American Kestrel (pair).  Yellow-rumps and Western Bluebirds were abundant. I also found two Robins and a hermit Thrush in this area.

The southern portion of Alisos Road had fewer birds but included a group of 6 Magpies hanging out with Blackbirds and a flock of American Pipits near the southeast corner of Alisos and Happy Canyon.  I did not pick up any Horned Larks with them, but I did not scope the group to be sure.

The Valley is beautiful this time of year with lots of fall color in the cottonwoods and sycamores as well as the grape vines.

Florence Sanchez