Harbor and Bird Refuge

Robert Lindsay

Saturday, 9/21, 8-10 am

Led a field trip for SBAS this morning which began at the SB Harbor breakwater. Not very birdy though 7 Black Turnstone on the beach were nice to see. On the other hand, no loons, no grebes, no sea ducks, no Skimmers, not even terns were seen. The one highlight was a Black Oystercatcher who flew by, calling, twice at close range. I believe it was a juvenile as there was very little color in the bill.

We finished the morning at the Andre Clark Bird Refuge. Young and female Northern Shoveler outnumbered the Mallards. Several Ruddy Ducks are still quite cinnamon colored though bills have lost their breeding color. All the common egrets were abundant and one Green Heron was seen. Two Red-necked Phalarope were out on the water. Shorebirds at the third platform included several Killdeer, 4 Least Sandpiper and one Western Sandpiper. A Cooper's Hawk was in the area. Otherwise, the usual expected common birds of this habitat.

That's all,
Rob Lindsay