Heads up and Update

Mark Holmgren

Sunday, yesterday, while searching for the Least Bittern and Rose-breasted Grosbeak at Lake Los Carneros (I found neither), I heard a tanager call once slightly SE of Stow House.  The tanager most likely to show now is Summer Tanager.  Be on the lookout.

Lisa Stratton and I failed to find the Brown Thrasher that was spotted during the Friday monthly UCSB Campus Lagoon survey by Dan Fontaine, Lisa, and Chris Berry.  Seen by all on Friday.  It was near here:

On Kinevan Road at 4:30pm I heard the songs of two Hermit Thrushes widely separated.  One was about 100m downstream of the upper (new) bridge.  The other was near the white dilapidated house in the downstream portion of the road.

Mark Holmgren
San Marcos Pass
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