Hollister Ranch 6/8/19

Robert Lindsay

Guy Tingos led a large group of birders around various location inside the Hollister Ranch this morning for SBAS. (This is private property with a guarded entry so not available to the general public.) Stops were made at the coast which was mostly devoid of shorebirds. However we did see loons and Brandt's Cormorant offshore and had one breeding plumage male Common Loon fly over. At a different point we found Killdeer and their chicks (which the parents well protected from a passing dog with distraction behavior). We also saw a few Heerman's Gull and a single Elegant Tern. The inland birding was fairly diverse though no rarities were seen. Highlights included a quick look at a Barn Owl and long, unobstructed views of adult and juvenile Great Horned Owls. Other interesting species included Purple Finch, Ash-throated Flycatcher, Bewick's Wren, Hooded Oriole, Western Meadowlark, Say's Phoebe and other common woodland birds. The day ended with Guy spotting some Humpback Whales displaying a mile or so offshore. Not a bad finish. Thanks to the folks at Hollister Ranch for giving us access to this great birding area.