Rob Hofberg

On Sunday I reported a calliope hummer in my backyard.

This hummer has been in the yard constantly. It was there this morning.  It hangs out on a rose bush and a low hedge branch and constantly fly-catches. The overall appearance is very light gray and green with slightly buffy sides. it spends almost all morning in the yard.

Through the binocular it does have some rufous spots near the back at the base of the tail and a few very sparsely specks sprinkled about. Also, the wings do not end at the end of the tail but above it.

I did have a male Allen's in the yard Monday and this bird chased it away, and later the male Allen's was doing a mating display in the oak where the gray hummer also hangs out.

All - in - all I can't say for certain, but it's probably an Allen's and not a calliope, and the presence of the male Allen's pretty much seals it.

Rob Hofberg