Kinevan Rd -- continued

Mark Holmgren

Here is the attachment I tried to put into yesterday's email about birds on Kinevan Rd.  

You can display the breeding birds of other parts of the county by Filtering for other Localities.  For example, type Carp then choose Carpinteria, or Rincon, or Maria and choose either Santa Maria or Maria Ygnacia. Try a watershed, a city, or a part of the county such as Gaviota Coast.  

Hint: Best success is achieved by closing each Filter and starting your Filter sequence again.  

To order your results, look to the right of the filter object (Common Name or Observer, etc.) in the new dialog box you’ve created, see the 3 horizontal bars.  Click those and choose Sort by count.  This is a handy tool in many different kinds of Filter actions.

You can see all the breeding records in the Study by going to  Also access the Breeding Bird Study through

Have fun!

Mark Holmgren

Santa Barbara