Kinevan Rd./West Camino Cielo

Robert Lindsay

7/25/20, 7-9 am

Walked Kinevan Rd. from the junction with W. Camino Cielo to the U-turn bridge. Quite a few birds but little observed diversity. Pacific-slope Flycatchers and Dark-eyed Juncos were abundant. Also saw Black Phoebe (3), Purple Finch (2), and House Wren (1). I heard many more birds than I saw so diversity is probably greater than I'm reporting.

Drove West Camino Cielo to the end of pavement next making several brief stops en route. Best birds were two pair of Common Raven (1/2 mile apart) a ways beyond the residential portion of the road. Also saw a Sharp-shinned Hawk. Otherwise, only common, expected species (list below).

Mourning Dove (1)
California Quail (group of 6, 4 young)
California Towhee (3)
Spotted Towhee (several seen or calling)
California Scrub Jay (abundant)
Wrentit (very abundant)
Dark-eyed Junco (lots in residential area)
2 Hummingbird fly-bys
Downy Woodpecker (1)

That's all
Rob Lindsay