Kinevan Road

Florence Sanchez

After I finished my shopping and got back from a brief trip to Carpinteria, I wanted to do some more birding even though it was quite hot already.  I thought it might be a little cooler if I headed higher and I was right.  There was a little wind on San Marcos pass but not enough to affect driving or birding,  The temperature at the first bridge of Kinevan Road was 77 at 10 a.m., better than the 86 in Santa Barbara, and I could tell there was lots of bird activity.  Of course it was mostly in the treetops and as others have said, it makes it a little hard to pick up migrants here.  I missed a lot but my warbler list still grew rapidly:  Yellow, Wilson's Orange-crowned, Black-throated Gray, Nashville, Hermit, and Townsend's had all made one or more appearances before I got a third of the way down the road. Once again I missed MacGillivray's, though it's likely one or more were present too.

Pacific-Slope Flycatchers were very active and I heard a Western Wood-Pewee near the first bridge.  Along the road I found at least 3 Ash-throated Flycatchers.  Warbling Vireos were still everywhere.  However, it wasn't until I got to the junction of Kinevan with West Camino Cielo that I finally heard a Cassin's Vireo.  One was singing on the bank of WCC next to the first driveway.   Unfortunately no sight or sound of a Hermit Thrush.  We may not have a summer visitor this year. 

I left about 12:15 and by then the Canyon was getting warm, though the deep shade helped a lot.  On the way home, I watched my car thermometer rise to 92 at the bottom of the pass.

Florence Sanchez